Top 5 Reasons to Ride Our Holiday Trains in November


November dates aboard our holiday trains are often overlooked in favor of dates closer to Christmas. But we can tell you from experience our Top 5 Reasons why you should give them a try:

1- November trains tend to be less crowded which for some folks is a little less stressful. December can get PACKED in some locations.

2- Parking is easier in November. Start your experience with less hassle.

3- Less riders means more one-on-one time with the cast. Get more attention from our conductors, elves, chefs and the man in red–Santa.

4- Get into the Christmas spirit earlier. Make this the tradition that kicks-off the holidays.

5- Remember that December is super busy and hectic for families; if you ride in November, it’s one less conflict off of the Family Calendar in December.

Ready to ride? Find one of our train locations near you at

p.s. Some of our trains have pricing for non-peak days that could save you from $20-$40 off tickets for a family of four!

We ask our event managers about their favorite parts of the Polar Express ride

- Ian Snell/©Ian Snell Photography Tel: +44(0)1837 54593 - Mobile:0797 7348 163 - Polar Express 2015 at Dartmoor Railway, Okehampton.

We asked the Event Managers at each location: “What is your favorite part of the on board experience during   THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride?”

Cape Cod Central Railroad with Polar Express departures in Buzzards Bay, MA

“I love helping to bring the magic of Christmas to life for the children on board. Seeing their anticipation about Santa and their excitement when he visits with them makes all of the hard work worthwhile. It is fun to play a role in creating traditions and memories for families.”
Kaylene Jablecki- Passenger Operations and Event Manager

Saratoga & North Creek Railway in Saratoga Springs, NY

“My Favorite part of The Polar Express Train ride at Saratoga Springs Ny is that moment when the train pulls into the north pole and “Believe” starts playing. At that exact moment something magical happens and the adults and kids faces just light up as they see Santa and the elves climb on board. The ride back is pure magic!” Pj Duell, event manager.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Middleton, WI

“If you ask 20 different people what their favorite part of the Polar Express Middleton is, you are guaranteed to get at 20 different answers. Whether it is the singing and dancing waiters, or the photos with the Santa himself, there is something for kids from one to ninety-two. You will not be disappointed as you step into the world of the Polar Express™ in our very own Middleton, WI. Conducting this year’s magical event is Gaelan Treacy, who is quick to express his own favorite aspect of the train ride; seeing the faces of the kids as they drink their hot cocoa and munch on their cookies while being whisked away to the magical land of Santa Claus and the Polar Express™.” Gaelan Treacy Event Manager

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Batesville, MS

Quote by local Polar Express insider Lauren Shinault, returning as Food and Beverage Supervisor. She know what to repeat and where to excel this year!

“The best thing about The Polar Express is when you see the magic in the kids’ eyes when the train pulls up and they all are in awe. They hear the train horn and they start clapping and cheering and getting excited. Then you see the chefs and the conductor waving at everybody when they pass by. And when you see all the families in their pajamas and they look so adorable. When the kids see Santa Clause and they get that moment, when they get the bell. Every kid loves something different about the train ride. Some of them love the hot chocolate! Some of them love the chefs dancing and singing. Some love singing Christmas carols on the way back. That’s what I love about The Polar Express – the magic in the kids’ eyes because it was special for them.”

Eastern Flyer in Stillwater, OK

Mardi Nider, event manager at the Eastern Flyer Railroad Station says her favorite part of The Polar Express experience is how the different characters make a lasting and special connection with each child.

Texas State Railroad in Palestine, TX

“My favorite thing about Polar is seeing all of the extended families come together as a group. There’s everything from grandmas and grandpas with their grown children and all of their little grandchildren… even tiny babies. All of them are in matching pajamas and everyone is smiling and happy. There’s nothing like making a lifelong family memory together and Polar Express is one of those special experiences you never forget.” – Janet Gregg, Marketing & Special Events Manager

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Wolfforth, TX

Lizabeth Burns, Event Manager at the West Texas Polar Express Train Ride returns for her 9th year working on the train.
“It is hard to pick one moment I have liked the best. Being able to see families together laughing and smiling is what comes to mind first. Then there was the family who’s grandfather had stage 4 cancer. They knew this was their last Christmas together and they chose to spend it making magic with us. Inviting children from the deaf community to have a normal child experience complete with a signing Santa, conductor and crew!! There have just been so many touching moments. I am truly honored that people have chosen to allow us to serve them in this magical event. Polar Express has been a blessing to my family. We find the true meaning of Christmas in being able to serve others.”



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Happy Rails!

3 things you might not know about our trains


- Ian Snell/©Ian Snell Photography Tel: +44(0)1837 54593 - Mobile:0797 7348 163 - Polar Express 2015 at Dartmoor Railway, Okehampton.

This week we asked the question:  What are three things you might not know about THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride to each of our 9 locations. Check out their responses!


Cape Cod Central Railroad

1. Our Buzzards Bay Station was built in 1912 before the Cape Cod Canal was opened in 1916.
2. We are located at the base of the Cape Cod Canal Railroad bridge which was opened in 1935. At the time it was the longest vertical lift bridge in US. It is now currently the second longest.
3. We are the only railroad running The Polar Express Ride in MA.

Saratoga & North Creek Railway

1. Trains begin on Friday, November 18th and run on select dates through Friday, December 23rd.

2. The trains are real, full-sized train cars, which depart from Saratoga Springs Station to go to “The North Pole”.

3. Our delicious chocolate chip cookies are made locally by Izzie’s in North Creek!

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Middleton, WI

1. We are at a new location this year

2. Back in the 1990s a dinner train used to depart from this location

3. We are having job fairs

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Batesville, MS

1. Last year was our maiden voyage to the North Pole, so this year our guests will be joining the 2nd Annual Polar Express Train Ride! Talk it up on your Social Media with #PolarExpressMS and #Believe

2. We’re sure to hear children exclaim, “He looks like me!” Exciting to have an African American Santa on board here in Batesville, Mississippi!

3. Our Event Manager team is a pair of local business owners, fully committed to making this year’s Polar Express chock-full of happy memories for everyone.

Eastern Flyer

1. Did you know that the Eastern Flyer Railroad Station in Stillwater, OK was built over 100 years ago? It is on the National Register of Historic Places and even features toilets in the restrooms that flush with an overhead cord!

2. Not only will you get to experience a little history at the Stillwater Polar Express, you will have the opportunity to go downtown and meet Santa’s reindeer, go on a horse drawn carriage ride, or even grab some food from one of the many food trucks!

3. If you need to get some Christmas shopping done while you are in town, be sure to check out the Jinglebell Sweepstakes for a chance to win free tickets to the Polar Express in Stillwater!

Texas State Railroad

1. When you take a ride to the North Pole on the Texas State Railroad, you travel in vintage train cars that hold strong historical significance to the local community.

2. Texas State Railroad has been designated as the “Official Railroad of Texas”!

3. When you take a ride on the Texas State Railroad, you truly experience a “Texas Treasure”!

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Wolfforth, TX


1. Polar is Returning for the 9th year to West Texas

2. There are cast members, including Santa, which can do Sign Language. We had a whole train car of Deaf Education Students ride the train Last
year. You should have seen how the kids faces lit up when Santa was able to talk to them using sign language.

3. We harvest “snow ball seeds” to send to the North Pole

Mt Hood Railroad

  1. You can see two mountains from our train: Mt Hood and Mt Adams
  2. We have a vintage dome car from the 1950 with an upper level for great views. We opened this car in 2008.
  3. This railroad has been in operation since 1906.

Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway

  1. Although this is our first season doing THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride we have operated a Christmas train out of Watstonville.
  2. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk arcades will be decorated for the holidays. (All ticketed riders get a $10 MyBoardwalk card good in the arcades)
  3. We are excited to work with some worthy area charities this season


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Happy Rails!

Updates from the trains of the Premier Rail Collection

Welcome to our first in a new series of weekly updates about the trains of the Premier Rail Collection. Let’s move from the East Coast to the West Coast with our news!

Cape Cod Central Railroad


By popular demand we’ve added more seats to our Oktoberfest Rails & Ales train. We have updated menus and list of brewers on our site. For the first time this year we are hosting the Vines & Views Wine Tasting Train working with Carolyn’s Sakonett Vineyard.

Saratoga & North Creek Railway


Saratoga & North Creek Railway has been busy as fall foliage is nearing it’s peak in the Southern Adirondacks. Tickets are selling quick for our Fall Foliage Festival, where passengers can ride the train from Saratoga Springs while they enjoy the changing autumn colors.

Piedmont & Northern Railway

We hope to have news soon about ticket sales for our holiday train. Stay tuned!

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Middleton, WI

We’ve begun our preparations for our journeys to the North Pole by hiring our teams. We are still looking for a Marketing Coordinator there so if you are interested apply online at

Pullman Rail Journeys


We just completed a success ride traveling west from Chicago for our guests to attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta for a second year.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Batesville, MS


The Grenada Line Cast member Job Fair was a big success this week. All of our Supervisors conducted on-the-spot interviews with those who had applied online. “This is the best year! They’re more organized than anything else!” -Norman, Security Staff

So many folks enjoyed their roles aboard Polar Express last year, interviews were like one happy reunion after another. “I bought tickets for my granddaughter’s 6th birthday before I even applied for the job last year. When she got off the train her feet weren’t even touching the ground. We got the elves to sign her Happy Birthday!” -Tim Roberson, Parking Attendant

Eastern Flyer


We have a new departure location this year–Stillwater, OK! We captured this moment with our future cast members are getting excited, learning about all the fun they are going to have on board The Polar Express!

Texas State Railroad


In Palestine we are getting ready for Polar Express by making enhancements to our existing props and increasing our lighting plans for the upcoming season.

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad


Colorful Colorado! To compliment Mother Nature’s stunning seasonal show we added a range of autumn activities to our most popular ride including a speaker series and a delicious fall menu.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in Wolfforth, TX


We were busy this weekend hiring staff for this year’s Polar Express Train Ride. Chefs, waiters, Santas, Conductors, gift shop workers and parking attendants spent time in interviews and completed necessary paperwork to become cast members on the 2016 Polar Express!

Mt Hood Railroad


This year brings some big improvements to our annual Polar Express ride. Santa and his elves have been busy changing the look of the North Pole. Guests in November will get the first look!

Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway

Carousel Holiday photos taken during a 2011 promo shoot by Donaven Staab

We are busy spreading the word that a new train is in town! Coming for the first time to the Central California Coastal area. We are thrilled to be departing from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and are offering all our ticketed guests a $10 MyBoardwalk card.

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Happy Rails!