Rail Baron Club

Rail-Baron_Logo_2014About the Rewards Program

Rail Baron Club members earn one point for every pre-tax dollar spent on every purchase at a Premier Rails property. It’s that simple. One point translates into 3% cash (as in, 1 point equals $.03) as a standard redemption rate.
Special Events and certain custom events are not eligible for redemption of Rail Baron Club points. These events include, but are not limited to: THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride, Rail and Ales, Dinosaur Train & Train to Christmas Town, unless otherwise noted during special promotions. If you have questions about the program, accrual or redemption, email our customer service team dedicated to the loyalty program at rewards@premierrails.com

About The Rail Baron Club

The Premier Rail Collection is the first family of passenger rail experiences with the scope of operations to offer a robust loyalty rewards program.  Members earn rewards when purchasing at any Premier Rails property.

All purchases are eligible for points accrual. Some exclusions apply for rewards redemption. See the Rewards Program page for more details.